Popsicle Clock

Alexander Girard, 1957

In the 1950s, George Nelson and his office conceived a range of everyday objects in the aim of bringing modern design to American homes. These included an extensive collection of unusual wall clocks.

Re-edited by Vitra, this portfolio of wall clocks now welcomes a new addition: the Popsicle Clock. Comprising a structure of flat walnut rods, resembling – as the name suggests – popsicle sticks, and striking metal hands in a white powder-coated finish, this model is a further example of the imaginative vision employed by George Nelson and his team with regard to shapes and

Equipped with high-quality quartz movements, they offer a refreshing alternative to conventional clocks – including a wide selection of different designs to suit almost every taste and fancy.

Material: Walnut, Quartz-clockwork, 1,5V Battery included

350 mm

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