Miniature Barrel Chair

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1904

Originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1904 for the D. D. Martin House in Buffalo, New York; this iconic chair was an embarkation from his earlier linear furniture designs; due to its round shape. Original features included a flared backrest, square spindle supports and a cushioned double-sided circular seat. In 1937, Frank Lloyd Wright re-created the Barrel Chair design in a larger version with other design modifications for the residence of Herbert F. Johnson, known as »Wingspread«, to accommodate the expansive rooms and towering ceiling heights.

Scale 1:6

Material: Cherrywood, velour cover, plastic gliders

Manufacturers of the full-scale 1:1 model currently available in the United States exclusively from Copeland Furniture, and under special agreement is also available from Cassina, S.p.A. in Europe and other countries

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