Jongerius Colour Block Blanket

Hella Jongerius, 2016

The Colour Block Blankets by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius are a perfect illustration of how the variation of hues used for warp and weft threads affects the colour scheme of a woven textile. The different two-tone combinations of coloured thread are visible on the edges of the blanket: in the hues of the fringe at both ends and in the thin stripes of colour woven in the visible selvedge along the sides.

The Colour Block Blankets are made of Peruvian highland wool. This is produced by a hybrid breed of sheep – a cross between a Merino, whose wool is extremely soft, and a Corriedale, which is known for its sturdy fibres.

  • Designer:
  • Hella Jongerius, Products
  • Size (l/w):
  • 2040 x 1300 mm
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